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Innovative Design

Sleepy Sensitive diapers feature advanced designs that prioritize both comfort and functionality. With features like ultra-absorbent cores, breathable materials, and flexible fits, these diapers offer superior protection and comfort for your baby.

Wide Range

Sleepy is not just a leader in producing breathable diapers for children and adults. Our extensive product line also includes wet wipes, liquid soaps, and other cleanliness essentials, all designed to offer superior care and convenience.

High Quality

Our hygiene products are created in strict accordance with quality standards and undergo several stages of rigorous control. This meticulous process ensures that only the best, most reliable products reach our consumers, providing peace of mind to parents everywhere.

Exceptional Sustainability

Each product from the Turkish brand Sleepy is crafted with 100% natural materials. Sleepy Sensitive baby diapers, for example, are a unique blend of bamboo, organic cotton, and pure water, ensuring a gentle touch on your baby’s delicate skin and a minimal environmental footprint.

Comfort for Sensitive Skin
Soft Protection, Sweet Dreams